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Taking care of your jewellery


How to store your jewellery

Jewellery is best stored in a dark place. Use a jewellery bag, jewellery box or jewellery rack. Keep Jewellery separated on a soft surface so they cannot damage one another. This prevents damage and discoloration by exposure to sunlight. This ensures that your jewellery remains beautiful.

Maintenance and protection of Jewellery

Never wear jewellery during domestic and rough work or during sports. Jewellery can be damaged by certain cleaning products and bumps into different objects.

Wear your jewellery after you put on your deodorant, body lotion, cosmetics, hair spray, perfume, etc. These substances can damage the jewellery. It is best to wear the Jewellery after, so all the substances are well absorbed through your skin and not make marks on your jewellery anymore.

Avoid hot areas such as heaters, hair dryer and direct sunlight. Jewellery can therefore lose the right fit and their colour. Sudden temperature changes can cause cracks in rocks.

Remove all your jewellery before going to sleep. While sleeping, they will wear faster and can become broken.

Put away necklaces and bracelets with a closed lock to reduce the risk of knots.

How do you clean your jewellery?

Metal and silver components which are discoloured by the influence of oxygen and sunlight, can be polished with a woollen cloth or a special silver polishing cloth.

Never put a piece of jewellery in water. Especially if your jewellery has glued stones, this can affect the glue that holds the stone in place. Instead of using hot water, use a damp cloth.

If you do not want to take any risk in cleaning your jewellery yourself. You can also let them be cleaned by an official jeweller who probably gets an even better result.