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Frequently asked questions

Can my order be delivered somewhere else?2017-04-04T13:48:57+02:00

When you place your order, you can fill in a different shipping location. Your order will then be delivered to this address.

Is the jewellery on SieradenCorner.nl nickel free?2017-04-04T13:50:42+02:00

The jewellery on our website are free of nickel. Nickel free jewellery are a godsend for women and men with a nickel allergy. This allergy can be caused by a lot of contact with nickel and can irritate the skin in a bad way. If you still have problems, you can always return the jewellery within 14 days of the purchase.

I have a blog / website, can I work with SieradenCorner.nl?2017-04-04T13:50:02+02:00

We regularly work with bloggers and webmasters. We are always open for new contacts and advertising possibilities. Please contact us so we can have a look where we can help each other.

I want to return my order, is this possible?2017-04-04T13:49:39+02:00

Within 14 days of receiving your order, you can return it to us. Returns you must register via the contact form. For the procedure on returns please read the Returns & Warranty page.

Can my order be picked up?2017-04-04T13:49:21+02:00

Yes, in exceptional cases, you can pick up your order in Waalre, Netherlands. You have to make an appointment if you wish to do so. You can contact us to see what the possibilities are.

When will my order be ready for shipping?2017-04-04T13:48:35+02:00

SieradenCorner.nl strives to ship your order within 3-5 business days after payment is received.

How can I pay?2017-04-04T13:48:16+02:00

Payment via Ideal, Paypal, Bank transfer, Credit Card or Mister Cash

What countries will SieradenCorner.nl take orders from?2017-04-04T13:47:51+02:00

We ship our products worldwide, for more information on global shipping, please contact us.

How much postage should I pay for an order?2017-04-04T13:47:32+02:00

This depends on the weight and the size of the order. Almost all jewellery and accessories on SieradenCorner.nl will fit in the mailbox. All of our products are sent via PostNL. On the PostNL website you can find everything about the shipping costs.

I forgot my password, what should I do?2017-04-04T13:46:39+02:00

If you want to login, and you have forgotten your password, please click on forgot password. We will send you an email with your new password.

Where can I change my personal information?2017-04-04T13:46:26+02:00

When you are logged in, you can go to my account to change your personal information.

The article I’m looking for is sold out, will it be back in stock?2017-04-04T13:46:14+02:00

Many of our products are only offered once. We do however have products that we get back in stock. If you want to know whether a product comes back in stock, you can contact us at any time.

How can I keep my jewellery beautiful?2017-04-04T13:45:27+02:00

Jewellery can become less beautiful over time. This may be caused by the acidity of the skin, sweating or contact with certain liquids. If you use perfume, makeup, hair spray or cream, wait with putting on your jewellery. Keep the jewellery away from extreme heat and do not place them in the sun. For more information, we advise you to look at our take care of your jewellery page.